Chiho’s art class

Chiho offers a wide range of art lessons at Studio Miu Art in Singapore, which is fantastic for anyone interested in learning and improving their artistic skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, Chiho seems to have something to offer for everyone.

The fact that Chiho has been conducting these lessons for 16 years indicates a wealth of experience and expertise in teaching art. Students can choose from various mediums such as oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sketching, and digital painting, which provides a well-rounded art education.

The emphasis on empowering students to create their own art independently is a great approach. It shows that Chiho not only teaches techniques but also encourages creativity and self-expression. This approach can be especially valuable for those who want to develop their own unique artistic style.

If you’re interested in art and want to learn from an experienced instructor, Studio Miu Art with Chiho may be a great place to consider. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or need suggestions, Chiho seems ready to guide you in your artistic journey.

・Studio Miu Art (singapore)

Freestyle class

9 yrs old to above 9歳以上大人まで

シンガポールのスタジオで16年間指導を続けるちほ先生のフリースタイルクラスです。自分の描きたいものを自分のペースで自由に描くことができるのが特徴で、基本的に生徒さん主体で課題を決めていきます。その中で、それぞれのスピード、技術、やりたいことに合わせた指導を行い、最終的に「先生がいなくても自信をもって自由に1人で絵が描けるようになる事」をクラスの目的としています。油絵、アクリル画、水彩画、デッサン、デジタル(photosyop,Illustrator and procreatero)など様々なスタイルに対応。対象年齢は9歳以上大人まで!