Chiho’s art class

Chiho conduct a private lesson and Free style lessons at the Studio Miu Art in Singapore. You can chose subject yourself. If you feel difficult to chose theme, no worries! Chiho will suggest an idea for you. In the class, you can learn various techniques such as oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, sketching, and digital painting. If you are interested, you may take Chiho’s lesson here!

・Studio Miu Art (singapore)

Freestyle class

8 yrs old to above 8歳以上大人まで

自分の描きたいものを自由に描くことが上達のポイント。テーマやモチーフは基本的に生徒さん主体で決めていますが、その中で、それぞれのスピード、技術、やりたいことに合わせた指導を心がけています。油絵、アクリル画、水彩画、デッサン、デジタル(photosyop,Illustrator,procreater and clipstudio)など様々なスタイルに対応。対象年齢は8歳以上大人まで!